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Let me tell you mine.

When I was little, sitting by my dad's dentist chair, I would see him making people feel comfortable between the drills and harsh lights. He was able to make it welcoming!
Although to my dad's surprise, I didn't venture into dentistry, I pride myself on making my clients feel comfortable (and HOT!) in front of the camera. ​I find true joy in making others feel seen and appreciated. My main goal is to make each client feel confident and comfortable during the vulnerable experience of being photographed.

Hi, I'm Simona Land

(promised LAND arts, ha! Get it?)

I am a lover of the arts! I attended an art high school in Italy, and then went on to get my BFA in film in Oklahoma. That's where I met my equally creative husband, Jackson. My photography is a result of all my backgrounds merged together into a recipe for beauty.

I am just an Italian gal who will forever be yearning for those romantic love stories, even if the background is not Venice.


I truly love my job. It's been calling me my whole life, and when it comes to it, client experience is such a vital part of my work as a photographer. I will direct you step by step, pose you with dedication, and give you prompts that will get those genuine smiles out! Taking your pictures, or creating a video for you, is more than just standing behind the lens. It's telling your unique story in all of its beauty.

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When not behind the camera, or updating this website...

I beg my husband to sit and watch tv with me (current fav, Modern Family) or try to keep my lovely chiweenie off my keyboard. I also love to travel! My most recent adventure was in Oahu, but I have so many crazy stories from around the world. I was a traveling teen who stayed at strangers' houses in different countries, not speaking the language!!

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Do you have that one thing that really was just your partner's hobby and now it's on your "about me" page on your website? Just me? Well, on my motivated seasons, I like to go lift weights with my personal trainer/husband.

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