asian bride hold sweetly her grooms face while cozying up under her veil
The wedding experience

I’ll guide you through the entire process

We will get to check all the items on your to-do list, but for a moment I want you to think of what a day that feels like you feels like.

Here's what to expect from me. A wedding experience that is fun, engaged, and personal!

Discover the investment

It’s time to get into the celebration mindset, lovers. I’m here to walk you through every intentional step of the process - from our first chat to your sneak peeks, all the way through your heirloom album delivery.


The steps:

burnt orange and white color scheme wedding details with invitations, shoes, and rings

01. It all starts with a little form!

The first words we'll exchange, the beginning of our partnership, will be through our screens. But it won't be long before you get a ring from me! On the phone, or on zoom, I wanna know everything!

funky bride looks at the camera through the car window with her vintage sunglasses while groom looks at her

02. Make it official!

If we are a good fit, like whipped cream on gelato, we'll make it official! I’ll send over a proposal with a contract and retainer invoice. Once those are signed and paid, the real party begins! Expect a little qualcosa (something) from me to you, including super helpful wedding planning resources!

It's those little moments that will stay with you forever.

Man kisses his fiancé's hand while rowing a boat in the notebook's cypress gardens in Charleston South Carolina

It's getting good now!

black and white detail of a marquise cut engagement ring on bride's hand and groom shoulder

04. The engagement session

Here's the (second) best part! Your engagement session! We get to shoot in any location you choose, you can wear what you’re comfortable in, and no guests are begging for your attention.

Couple chases each other and has a picnic under a beautiful tree in the summertime

05. Guides, questionnaires and more!

Leading up to the day, I will help you create a detailed timeline for the day, a family formal photo list, and will send you multiple questionnaires to ensure everything runs smoothly.

bride and groom cozy up under her veil while the sunshine warms them up


And you'll see me on that dance floor!! We did it!

More kind words

Rosie + Cole

eloping couple in downtown savannah on bay street acts like paparazzi is taking their photo and cover their faces

Simona is incredible. We had absolutely the best time during our shoot. She was easy to talk to and super prepared. Made us feel comfortable and gave us the BEST photos. Thank you so much, Simona!!

bride is extremely happy while cutting into the wedding cake with her new husband

07. The finished product

Sneak peeks and full gallery will start popping into your inbox before you even know it!

cream colored linen cover wedding album with gold leaf embossing

08. Album Design

And because your love deserves more than just Instagram likes, I'll help you design a unique digital version of your wedding album and, if you want to add it to your cart, I'll offer you the best quality printed product!

The promised land couple

That's us!
couple hugs playfully in front of the saint john cathedral in savannah

You might be a Promised Land couple if you like...

Paparazzi pictures
Shopping with a friend
Champagne towers
Snuggling on the couch together
Accents ;)
Your family
Road trips
Going to coffee shops
European summers
Holding hands
Really cute and useless stationery
Dreaming Big

Destination Weddings

Thinking about an Italian wedding? I don't charge travel fees, and discounted packages are offered! Starting at $2000

Other European destinations also have discounted travel fees!

Who better than an Italian photographer to give you that authentic experience while also helping you navigate the language and cultural barrier?

bride and groom stroll hand in hand in the cobblestone streets of Asti


Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

Travel fees kick-in when your venue is more than 60 miles from 31405 (Savannah). The fee amount is $0.63/mile.

Over 120 miles from 31405 the client is responsible to provide one night hotel-stay near the venue. Over 180 miles from 31405 it will be two nights hotel-stay. Travel expenses don't apply in northern Italy!

Do you recommend other vendors if we need to?

My vendors referral list is ever-growing, and it's part of the wedding photography guide you'll receive after booking!

How many pictures will we receive in our wedding gallery?

I am not one to keep your pictures to myself! All the pictures I deliver will be edited and ready for your enjoyment, and the more the merrier!! I usually deliver between 50 and 100 pictures per hour of service.

How long does it take to recieve the photos after the wedding and how will those be delivered?

I'm dedicated to deliver your pictures when you're still excited, and the bliss hasn't faded!

You will receive sneak peeks (around 20 images) 24 to 48 hours after your wedding. The full gallery will arrive within 4 to 6 weeks!

You will receive an online gallery with both high-resolution and web-sized images, ready to print and post on social media! However I encourage you to consider the heirloom albums I offer.

Will you help us design our wedding album?

Yes, of course! Most of my packages include the digital version of your wedding album design. Part of my job is to walk you through the whole storytelling process! And, if you want to add it to your cart, I'll offer you the best quality printed product!

We want to include our dog into the wedding ceremony and photos, is that okay?

Um... YEAH!

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